Non-residential schedules

Schedule Groups

Schedule groups are defined in ACM Reference Manual Appendix 5.4B. Each schedule group defines specific hourly profiles for thermostat setpoints, HVAC system availability, occupancy, lighting, equipment, and domestic hot water consumption. Each space function has an associated schedule group, as listed in the ACM Appendix 5.4A. The ACM defines the following schedule groups:

  • Assembly
  • Data
  • Health
  • Laboratory
  • Manufacturing
  • Office
  • Parking
  • ResidentialCommon
  • ResidentialLiving
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • School
  • Unoccupied
  • Warehouse

Schedule Group Assignment

Schedule groups are assigned to thermal zones based on the zone’s space function and the HVAC system serving the zone. Where multiple zones are served by the same HVAC system, the schedule group associated with the predominant space function (by floor area) is assigned to all zones served by the system. For example, if office space accounts for 60 percent of a building floor, and all zones on that floor are served by the same HVAC system, then all thermal zones on that floor will be assigned the Office schedule group.

Schedule Variations

Three sets of schedules were developed for each schedule group:

  • short
  • average
  • long

The hourly schedules from Appendix 5.4B serve as the ‘average’ schedules for most of the schedule groups (except Warehouse and School). The average schedules are shortened by one hour and lengthened by one hour to generate the short and long schedules, respectively.

Modifications to ACM schedules

Schedules used in the database models are modified from those listed in Appendix 5.4B for two schedule groups: School and Warehouse.

School Schedule Modifications

The School schedule group is modified from the original hourly profiles in Appendix 5.4B to represent typical primary school (short), community college (average), and university (long) schedules. The hourly/daily schedules are the same as Appendix 5.4B, however seasonal variations are incorporated to represent breaks for the three different school types.

School daily / hourly profile

School annual profile (HVAC on/off)

Warehouse Schedule Modifications

The Warehouse schedule group is modified from the original hourly profiles in Appendix 5.4B to represent one, two, and three shifts per day, corresponding to short (OH1), average (OH2), and long (OH3) schedules, respectively. The daily schedules remained consistent throughout the year.

Warehouse daily / hourly profile (HVAC on/off)